We believe in a world where we create the story behind our food

Chris Davies


What role do you think technology should play in the future of food?

"I’d like us to get to a point where access to great-tasting, nutritious and sustainably grown food is a foregone conclusion for everyone.

We need technology not only to drive the production necessary to keep up with massive global population growth, but also to not repeat the mistakes we’ve made to get to this point."

Matt Chlebek

Chief Agronomist

What is your favourite food at the moment?

"I'm excited by anything that puts vegetables as the main ingredient and makes them into something show-stopping, instead of just a replacement for meat in a dish."

Salman Chaudhri

Head of Design

What sparked your interest in the food space?

"The fact that we're experiencing the impact of climate change everyday, it will change how and what we eat.

We need to design a more circular and environmentally friendly approach to food"