We are building
a sustainable
food system with greater choice.

Hydroponic Farming in Walthamstow, supplying speciality produce all across London.

How we work

Here at Harvest London, we grow to order. We grow our crops using hydroponics in a controlled environment, allowing us to grow a wide variety of produce year-round.

We work directly with our customers to produce herbs and vegetables that are hard to source locally anywhere else. We aim to eliminate waste at every point in our supply chain.

Our limited amount of surplus produce is available to purchase through our partner Food Chain.

Growing for chefs

Harvest London loves growing for chefs.

Most of our crops grow in less than five weeks, allowing room for planning a changing menu. Our model provides chefs with the flexibility they deserve.
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Our produce

This year alone we have successfully grown over 65 + different varieties of leafy greens, herbs, flowering plants and root vegetables including:

Some of these include:
Red Basil
Peruvian Black Mint
Red Dragon Mustard
Mexican Tarragon
Devils Tongue Lettuce

Our farm

As urbanisation increases, there is a pressing need to develop a smarter agriculture supply chain.

This is why we built our hydroponic farm in Walthamstow to provide fresh and affordable produce direct to consumers all around London.

Our impact

Our urban farm allows us to bring production closer to the point of consumption.

Our produce travels less than 5 miles from our farm in Walthamstow, direct to consumers around London.

We minimise food wastage by growing to order to ensure delivery according to consumption.


Reduced energy consumption and water wastage


From seed to delivery


Continuous cultivation


100% Pesticide Free


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